Recent Case Studies

Phil Roscoe

Head of Education & Welfare, Liverpool FC

Liverpool Football Club

Delivered our ‘When and how to coach’ and ‘Questioning and listening’ building blocks – coaching the coaches in order to enable them to develop the person as well as the player. Measured the value through the growth of the individual players.

Building Blocks

John Hubner

HR Director, REL Field Marketing


Delivered ‘Understanding Self’, ‘Understanding Others’ and ‘When and How to Coach’ building blocks in order to develop their leaders to change the culture and fully engage their teams. Measured the value through culture and through the achievement of success in the Great Place to Work Awards.

Building Blocks

Ndidi Okezie

Executive Director, Teach First


Delivered the ‘When and How to Coach’ building block in order to turn volunteers into high value coaches to support the teachers. Measured the value through the impact on teachers, their work in the classroom and the organisational impact goals.

Building Blocks

Chris Casper

Club Support Manager, Premier League

Premier League

Delivered the ‘Contracting’ and ‘Questioning and Listening’ building blocks, coaching the coaches in order to increase their skills and stretch their coaching capabilities to benefit the players and their clubs. Measured the value through CPD targets and the impact on the rest of the coaching team in Academies.

Building Blocks

Ian Preedy

Group Commercial Director, Travis Perkins

Travis Perkins

Hear how we delivered our ‘Building Trust’ and ‘Feedback’ building blocks to strengthen the performance of the leadership team and measured the value through the impact on their culture and business results.

Building Blocks